Sweden in political chaos?

sweden political chaos

After the election it now seems Sweden has 4 years of political chaos ahead, the right wing lost the power but nobody won it!

The two top names in the right wing, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Sweden’s finance minister Anders Borg are leaving party politics after the right government lost parliamentary elections on sunday.

The left lead by Stefan Löfven as a Prime Minister will try to take charge of Swedens political scene but face immense problems getting any kind of support for their politics in the voting scene. Most likely chaos will set in sooner or later, but we still hope that it can be avoided.

The party Sweden Democrats who won lot’s of votes on issues as stopping immigration to Sweden will have a big impact on the political environment as well. With more than 10% of the votes it’s impossible to try to ignore them as before.

It will be interesting times ahead for political reporters in Sweden!

sweden political chaos

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