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Brutal robbery in Stockholm by young street kids

Some of the biggest news in Stockholm this week has been the enormous IT-scandal that the office for transport has created. Serious classified information about Sweden and undercover agents has been leaked out on internet. There is talk about the government and if they can stay in power after this. Read more here Another headline […]

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Stockholm snow
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Anna Ternheim Swedish singer

Stockholm has snow and winter temperatures, it might be a bit cold to stay out to long. So what might be better than curling up in front of the fireplace and listen to some good Swedish music. Here’s a youtube clip from talented Swedish singer songwriter Anna Ternheim.

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Swim in Stockholm city center

With summer there might be some warmer weather coming to Stockholm. Warm enough for a swim? It depends on your preferences but maybe we can get water temperatures that reach or even goes over 20 degrees. So, where is the best place to go for a swim in Stockholm? If you want to stay in […]

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Tourist information in Stockholm

Here are the best and most convenient located information centers in Stockholm. Stockholm Visitor Center A centrally located tourist information center, you can receive personal service and help during your stay in Stockholm. They have tips, advice and help you book guided tours or show you how to get to places. There is also free […]

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Using your phone in Stockholm

Using your own phone in Stockholm is great, Stockholm and Sweden generally has great IT infrastructure. WiFi is abundant and 4g is just about everywhere. That said, depending on your own contract it is usually still expensive to use your phone internationally and especially surfing the web with data traffic. Are you lucky to have […]

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Hotel Stockholm

Our 3 best tips for hotel in Stockholm The best hotels in Stockholm aren’t where you think they are. Here are our 3 best tips for your next accommodation when visiting Stockholm. 1. Airbnb 2. Hostels 3. Hotel Why Airbnb? – Great chance to live like a local Let’s take a look at some of […]

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Best Hostel in Stockholm City?

Best Hostel in Stockholm City? City Backpackers Hostel receives almost only good reviews from the people who have stayed there. Wifi is free, you can even borrow ice-skates (during winter) and the hostel has a friendly staff! Breakfast seems to be worth the cost. some say that it’s a little on the expensive side when […]

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Best meatballs in Stockholm, Sweden, world?

If you are visiting Stockholm and Sweden you should try some national dishes. One of the most common one is the meatballs and potatoes meal. It’s deliciously simple and done right it can be very good. Usually it’s also a pretty good choice for the budget minded but you should stay away from the cheapest […]

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Tantra Festival Ängsbacka 2014
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Biggest Tantra festival in Sweden 2014

The biggest Tantra festival in Sweden is not in Stockholm but it’s very easy to get there by bus or train. It’s about 3 hours on the bus from Stockholm central station. Everybody is welcome to a festival that will change the world according to Ängsbacka. Here are a few words from the festival programme: […]

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Metallica outdoor concert Stockholm

Tonight you should either stay away from Gärdet or rush there to get good tickets. All depending on wether you like hard rock music or not. There will be a big outdoor concert with no.1 band Metallica playing. Here’s a map of where to avoid or go! Nearest subway is Karlaplan. Sound levels will be […]

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