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The Tech Arena event in Stockholm

The Tech Arena event During 22nd and 23rd of February, the Tech Arena event at the Friends Arena will bring business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and skilled tech people into Stockholm for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions on topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology and new trends. Speakers includes Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, NASA astronaut […]

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modern swedish ai design
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Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 Furniture design with Scandinavian Simplicity The timeless appeal of Scandinavian design is always nice to look at, with its signature clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, and improved functionality. Still building on the traditional Nordic design language. The result can be a perfect balance between simplicity and innovation. Formafantasma – Guest of Honour […]

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new years eve stockholm fireworks
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Celebrating New Year for 2024

Stockholm streets will fill up with happy residents and visitors as usually, sharing cheers and toasts as they welcome 2024. This year the only traditional celebration is on Skansen, Djurgården featuring a popular concert and midnight countdown. There are no official fireworks this New Year but hopefully people will celebrate and send some rockets to […]

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Right Livelihood Awards 2023

Right Livelihood Awards 2023 Who are the winners and change-makers receiving the 2023 Right Livelihood Award? On Thursday, September 28 it will be revealed. The four new Laureates will receive their awards at 8 am Central European Summer Time during a live press conference in Stockholm. You can follow the announcement live the website! There […]

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sweden women football loss
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Sweden women lost in the semi final

Unfortunately and despite lot’s and lot’s of fans trying to cheer the team to a victory, Sweden lost to Spain in the semi final. Let’s hope they might secure a bronze medal during the next match. If the weather permits go check it out in one of the wonderful parks and outdoor cafes in Stockholm.

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skansen stockholm today midsummer
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Midsummer in Sweden 2023

Midsummer in Sweden 2023 The top destinations for celebrating Midsummer in Sweden are Leksand, Dalarna or Skansen, Stockholm. This year midsummer is celebrated on the 23/6. In Dalarna, Midsummer is the big thing. The midsummer celebration is celebrated in a very traditional way in most places. But you will need a car to reach most […]

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stockholm e-bikes 2023
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Stockholm E-bikes latest update

Stockholm e-Bikes are gone – latest update Unfortunately we will probably not see a Stocholm city rental bike system for a long time again. The city has cancelled the contract for Stockholm e-bikes due to too many problems with the service. One major problem was the bikes quality to withstand the constant mistreatment of the […]

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gotland visby world heritage sweden
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Visit Gotland in Stockholm

Meet Gotland in the middle of Stockholm Meet Gotland in the Kungsträdgården Visit Kungsträdgården on Saturday 13 May and experience the Gotland Day in the middle of the city! Exhibitors from Gotland will be on site with great offers and, just like on the island, there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

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solna subway stockholm today
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Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm

Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm SL Stockholm now has new tickets aimed to make it easier for tourists using public transport. You can pay with your credit card (easiest) or through the SL app on your mobile phone. Current price is 39 SEK for unlimited 75 minutes of travel within Stockholm greater area. […]

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stockholmtoday rental e-bikes
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Stockholm E-bikes are currently not operating

The Stockholm e-bikes have been riddled with problems since the start with vandalism, a bad rental system and fewer than promised bikes out on the streets. Now there has been an accident and the whole system is stopped. In the news it’s said to be an announcement soon on the availability for the rental bikes […]

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