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Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm

Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm SL Stockholm now has new tickets aimed to make it easier for tourists using public transport. You can pay with your credit card (easiest) or through the SL app on your mobile phone. Current price is 39 SEK for unlimited 75 minutes of travel within Stockholm greater area. […]

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Self driving bus in Stockholm

Would you like a ride in a self drivning bus in Stockholm. Now you can, the bus frequents the streets between the center of Kista to the Kista fair. It’s a slow, rather cute bus that actually has a human person on it that is responsible for the vehicle. The future of Stockholm public transport […]

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Whats on in Stockholm this friday and weekend?

This friday there are a lot of things going on in Stockholm. The weekend is actually called Stockholm SuperWeekend! Make sure not to drive in the city as you will get stuck. Period. Make sure allocate extra time when going by bus or public transport. There are concerts, parties, festivals and football so chaos could […]

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Best way to experience Stockholm

One of the best ways to experience Stockholm is from the water side. There are so many options to do this that you can pick and choose any way that will suit you the best. Here are our best tips for experiencing and getting to know Stockholm in the most beautiful, healthy and funny way. […]

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Ice cold Stockholm

Stockholm had some of the coldest days this winter yesterday and today. The city center was down to about minus 10 degrees. Very cold unless you are very well dressed! With a little bit of strong wind the cold effect gets down to almost minus 20 degrees for exposed skin like your nose, chin and […]

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Cold and rainy in Stockholm

Why not explore the subway in Stockholm. you get out of the rain and the cold and it’s filled with interesting art. This picture is from Station Kungsträdgården which is really nice. Other special ones are the lowest plattform in T-centralen, the red station in Solna. You can usually also get on a guided tour […]

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Public transport USB charging

USB charging outlets are now available on many buses in Stockholm area, the service is testing now and will be implemented more if successful. So why do we need USB charging on public transport in the first place? Ah, because Apple iPhone has such a bad battery life. Interesting how a big city like Stockholm […]

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New public transport tickets!

SL running public transport in Stockholm now has new tickets aimed to make it easier for tourists using public transport. The new paper based tickets are valid for 24 or 72 hours traveling in Stockholm. Staying in Stockholm city you probably only need the card valid for zone A. Please do not ask us how […]

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