stockholm today home-made chocolate
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Looking for quality home-made chocolate in Stockholm?

You will find it in Stockholm, Södermalm on a cheesy little back street where at first it looks like time has stood still. However as you look you will find small Tattoo shops, a beer shop and many other not so old type of boutiques that have found their way into this little forgotten street […]

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stockholm today cafe sofo södermalm
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Sustainable coffee – SoFo Stockholm

Now the cafe, coffee shop Söders Cafe in Södermalm, Sofo, Åsögatan has taken sustainability in coffee one step further. They now even grow their own coffee in a cup right at your table.  How is that for long term sustainability! We all need to think more about it if we shall survive on this planet! […]

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picnic in stockholm
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The first picnic day of the year

Today Stockholm had a whooping +5 degrees Celsius!  This combined with March spring sunshine means that all swedes get an unstoppable urge to grab a bite at the nearest coffee shop or cafe and head out into the closest park or green area that is available. In the park you try to find a spot […]

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stockholm today dog weather
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Dog weather in Stockholm

Yes, unfortunately it’s dog weather today in Stockholm. Rain, snow, water, all mixed together in a horrible dark gloomy day. But do not dispair, tomorrow everything is as usual, all water will be frozen to ice and lot’s of people in Stockholm will break a bone or two on the new icy pavements. Here are […]

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sofo södermalm crowded stockholm today
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Crowded in SoFo Stockholm

SoFo is getting more and more popular everyday. Very rightly so as it is a great place to spend your Stockholm holiday. The small bars, cafes and shops has the best and the greatest selection of good things in Stockholm. So SoFo is also getting more crowded of course. On a sunny day in Södermalm, […]

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stockholm best esaias coffee
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Best coffee in Stockholm

Where can you find the best coffee in Stockholm? Here’s a strong tip! Visit Cafe Esaias on Drottningatan 102 in Stockholm. Awarded third best coffee in Stockholm, Sweden by the famous White Guide means you can’t go wrong if you buy a cup here. Strong emphasis on eco and fair trade also means that you […]

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hardrock celebrate 4th july stockholm
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Celebrate 4th of July in Stockholm?

You can, and especially if you are an American citizen because then you have 10% off on everything! Happy birthday! Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Sveavägen 75, Stockholm When: 4th of July  

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stockholm today Gildas cafe sofo
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Great places in Sofo – Gildas room

Popular cafe at the best location in SoFo. The decor at Gilda’s room is light-headed and inviting. Here you can sit down in a velvet armchair and gossip confidentially all through the afternoon while rocking a little in tune to the low-key jazz or samba. At Gildas they serve hearty salads and scrumptious sour dough […]

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Stockholm today sivletto Sofo
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Great places in SoFo, södermalm – Sivletto

The Shop Sivletto has unfortunately closed its doors since this article was written. You can still find them online at You did miss an experience if you never had time to visit the shop but that’s life. There are other experiences out there waiting for us! Sivletto is a hidden treasure in Södermalm. It’s […]

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stockholm today johan nystrom coffee
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Best coffee in Stockholm?

Johan Nyström is a top candidate for the best coffee in Stockholm. Close to the subway stop and lovely park Mariatorget. They have a sign in the window saying Swedens best cafe (Sveriges bästa cafe). Maybe it’s true. Only way to know is to go there and try it! On their webpage they say the […]

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