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Tired of Swedish meatballs?

When and if you get tired of Swedish meatballs there are lot’s of alternative food in Stockholm. One of the most convenient places might be the food court K25 in Stockholm, Kungsgatan. Here you will find the most trendy, popular food in Stockholm. Asian, The now super popular fast food handmade burgers and lot’s of […]

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Healthy eating in Stockholm

At the farmers market in Stockholm you find all sorts of healthy ecologically grown vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Many people in Stockholm prefer organic food. Vegetarian or even vegan diet is popular among mostly young people. To balance this there is now a trend to eat expensive and delicious homemade hamburgers and small restaurants and […]

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Thai food Stockholm

You never need to go hungry in Stockholm. The food world is present in Stockholm and any food you can think of you can probably get in Stockholm. How about Thai food? If you just need to get a quick meal when out and about what is better than some Thai food? There are now […]

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Taste Stockholm food

In Kungsträdgården you can try all the best food available in Stockholm right now. Everything from food trucks to small branches from the very best restaurants in Stockholm are open and try to serve all the people enjoying good weather, food, music and the company of other Stockholm visitors. Yes, there are a lot of […]

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A taste of Stockholm

Don’t miss the chance to get a taste of Stockholm this weekend. At Djurgården, close to the Wasa museum in whats called the Wasahallen there will be a great food exhibition, cooking school and chances to get a taste of the best Stockholm food. Here are a few words on what to expect, sounds fantastic: […]

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Best meatballs in Stockholm, Sweden, world?

If you are visiting Stockholm and Sweden you should try some national dishes. One of the most common one is the meatballs and potatoes meal. It’s deliciously simple and done right it can be very good. Usually it’s also a pretty good choice for the budget minded but you should stay away from the cheapest […]

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stockholm today herring
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Must try herring burger

Eating is a fun way to experience something new when travelling. So what would be better than trying a Swedish way of eating delicious herring. At Slussen you can find this place that sell freshly fried herring as burger. A healthy way of eating a quick lunch snack.

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Crayfish Party in Stockholm

You are in Stockholm in August? You feel a strong urge to go to a crayfish party? So the big question you might ask yourself is, where can you find one? Look no further, there is a crayfish party at restaurant Tennstopet and it’s the full package, crayfish of course but also silly hats, strong […]

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stockholm food
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Stockholm food

Food in Stockholm can be both good and healthy! Lot’s of fish and fresh vegetables are favourites here. Try it and maybe you’ll feel even better!

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