Winter in April Stockholm
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OK, winter is back for a couple of days

OK, winter is back for a couple of days Never underestimate the power of winter in Sweden. It can strike anytime nowadays. April starts with a couple of decimeters of snow. Back into the closet and grab all winter clothes again. Have fun skiing for a couple of more days in Stockholm.

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stockholmtoday fog
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Stockholm fog experience

February is a perfect month for capturing foggy Stockholm pictures. Early mornings in February can have a spectacular fog rolling in from the sea. Get mystical pictures resembling the London fog but in Stockholm. Enjoy a mystical day in Stockholm, The Castle and the Old Town

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stockholmtoday cold winter 2024
Stockholm Traffic Weather

Welcome to Stockholm, Alaska ?

Welcome to Stockholm, Alaska ? How far north is Sweden really? Well, a lot of Sweden is actually situated on the same or similar latitude as Alaska. So why does Sweden still have a warmer climate than Alaska. It’s all due to the Gulf stream which bring us warmer water and a milder climate. The […]

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Enjoy IRL “TikTok Experience” at Gröna Lund in Stockholm

Enjoy a IRL “TikTok Experience” at Gröna Lund in Stockholm There will be 20 live performances, you can mingle with TikTok creators and maybe there is time to try out all amusement rides and much, much more. Get your ticket via Sunday 10 September 2023Time: 12:00Location: Gröna LundArea: ÖstermalmAddress: Djurgården Get the tram or […]

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stockholm today global warming
Stockholm Waters Weather

Hot in Stockholm!

OK, for all you guys coming from southern places, 28 degrees might not sound like much but in Stockholm it’s HOT! And this is the forecast for Thursday 29 th of June. During this Thursday you will probably find all Stockholm people by the water and going for a swim too. Join them for a […]

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stockholmtoday springtime
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Springtime in Stockholm

Once again Springtime has reached Stockholm. The trees are getting green again and even if it’s colder than normal life has started to return to the Capital in Sweden. Time to enjoy Stockholm to the fullest and don’t forget to enjoy the short visit by the Cherry blossoms who are struggling in the cold to […]

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Cherry Blossom Stockholm

Time for beautiful flowers to enjoy life in Stockholm. This year the Cherry flowers in Stockholm, Kungsträdgården are more beautiful than usually. They are a welcome relief from the horrors of war and hatred that we have experienced both in the world and in Sweden lately.

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Spring in Stockholm

The safest sign of Spring in Stockholm is a sunny day at Nytorget in SoFo. Here we can find all sorts of people from Stockholm hanging out and a substantial number of tourists also. However just as the virus pandemic seemed to take a break and let us enjoy life again another and this time […]

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Autumn in Stockholm 2021

Do you like colors? Now is the time to enjoy colorful Stockholm and surroundings. Dress well and go out to enjoy autumn in Stockholm. It’s easier now that all limitations due to Covid-19 has been lifted and you are allowed to go to resturants and theathers again. Still be caruful and avoid contact with others […]

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Cherry flowers ahead of spring in Stockholm

Spring is slowly and carefully trying to make an approach in Stockholm. We are waiting for the cold northen winds to stop blowing the spring away as soon as it tries to arrive. The Cherry flowers cannot wait and now Kungsträdgården in Stockholm is a beautiful place with all the cherry flowers giving us hope […]

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