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Expensive hotels in Stockholm – Taylor Swift effect

Expensive hotels in Stockholm – Taylor Swift effect In May, 120,000 travellers are expected to come to Stockholm, according to estimates. Why? Because of Taylor Swift 🙂 Taylor Swift visits Stockholm and gives three concerts during the 17th, 18th and 19th of May. Where will all the fans stay? There are about 40,000 hotel rooms […]

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Winter in April Stockholm
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OK, winter is back for a couple of days

OK, winter is back for a couple of days Never underestimate the power of winter in Sweden. It can strike anytime nowadays. April starts with a couple of decimeters of snow. Back into the closet and grab all winter clothes again. Have fun skiing for a couple of more days in Stockholm.

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Art Museum in Stockholm

Stockholm’s Art Museums – The Modern Museum and Sven-Harrys Museum Stockholm is not only known for historic architecture, bridges over troubled waters and an archipelago with thousands of islands. Here is also a vibrant art scene. Among our favourites are The Modern Museum (Moderna Museet) and Sven-Harrys Museum, one on a beautiful city island called […]

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The worlds most popular Swedish meatballs!

Where to find the worlds most popular Swedish meatballs? At Meatballs for the People you get the best Swedish meatballs in the world. Be prepared to stand in a line before your culinary delight is served though as this place is wildly popular all year around. What are meatballs really? Swedish meatballs are a culinary […]

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The Tech Arena event in Stockholm

The Tech Arena event During 22nd and 23rd of February, the Tech Arena event at the Friends Arena will bring business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and skilled tech people into Stockholm for networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions on topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability, technology and new trends. Speakers includes Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak, NASA astronaut […]

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stockholmtoday fog
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Stockholm fog experience

February is a perfect month for capturing foggy Stockholm pictures. Early mornings in February can have a spectacular fog rolling in from the sea. Get mystical pictures resembling the London fog but in Stockholm. Enjoy a mystical day in Stockholm, The Castle and the Old Town

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Welcome to Stockholm, Alaska ?

Welcome to Stockholm, Alaska ? How far north is Sweden really? Well, a lot of Sweden is actually situated on the same or similar latitude as Alaska. So why does Sweden still have a warmer climate than Alaska. It’s all due to the Gulf stream which bring us warmer water and a milder climate. The […]

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Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 Furniture design with Scandinavian Simplicity The timeless appeal of Scandinavian design is always nice to look at, with its signature clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, and improved functionality. Still building on the traditional Nordic design language. The result can be a perfect balance between simplicity and innovation. Formafantasma – Guest of Honour […]

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Saffron in cakes, a Swedish luxury ingredient

Saffron, a Swedish luxury ingredient In stores in Sweden, ordinary saffron costs approximately 20 SEK for half a gram, which translates into a kilo price of about 40,000 SEK. This makes Saffron by far the most expensive spice in our shops. In order to produce one kilogram of saffron, it would take approximately 170,000 saffron […]

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new years eve stockholm fireworks
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Celebrating New Year for 2024

Stockholm streets will fill up with happy residents and visitors as usually, sharing cheers and toasts as they welcome 2024. This year the only traditional celebration is on Skansen, DjurgĂĄrden featuring a popular concert and midnight countdown. There are no official fireworks this New Year but hopefully people will celebrate and send some rockets to […]

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