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Whats on in Stockholm this friday and weekend?

This friday there are a lot of things going on in Stockholm. The weekend is actually called Stockholm SuperWeekend! Make sure not to drive in the city as you will get stuck. Period. Make sure allocate extra time when going by bus or public transport. There are concerts, parties, festivals and football so chaos could […]

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Midsummer – biggest holiday in Sweden!

Midsummer is the most celebrated holiday in Sweden. Raising and dancing around a maypole (midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts most people. Greenery is used to decorate the pole and on top of barns and also used to make a midsummer ribbon (midsommarkrans) with flowers that can be worn by children and women. Besides looking […]

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Summer 2016 SoFo has started

At last Stockholm and SoFo has gotten a preview a summer 2016. Sun is visible, temperatures has risen above 10 deg. and Nytorgsparken is filled with happy people again! Queues are growing at Södermalms best ice-cream shop close to the park. And the weather seems to be holding on all through the Eurovision song contest […]

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midnattsloppet stockholm today
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Big event in Stockholm – Midnight Run

It’s time again for the fun, spectacular and fantastic midnight run! Running on Södermalm, SoFo the run starts at 21:20 PM Saturday 15th august and goes on until midnight. The partying starts a lot earlier and check the main page for all the details. Whats great about this run is that focus is on party […]

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Where to find Midsummer in Stockholm

Best midsummer event is as always at Skansen At Skansen you can find all the best parts of a Swedish midsummer, shows, costumes, dancing and picninc. byo. The maypole will be raised at 2pm. Traditional midsummer party in Vitabergsparken Starting at 12pm the midsummer party in Vita Bergsparken kicks off with speeches from the local […]

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Stockholm left over food party

Left-over food party at Medborgarplatsen on May 28/5 at 11.00  Enjoy free lasagna made from leftover ingredients from Coop food stores in Södermalm. As we all know the future holds a much better use of our resources. This party is demonstrating how much good things we can make of left over food instead of throwing […]

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Stockholm color running

Join a colorful party and running in Stockholm, Södermalm today. Start 11.00 and continues for a few hours. This will be the happiest, colorful run you might see for a long time, perfect weather and a great place to start your Stockholm day! Where: Tantolunden, close to Hornstull subway. Starts 11.00 23/5  

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Stockholm today
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New years eve in Stockholm

Prepare with warm clothes! It can be a long night outside!  Most common food for new years eve dinner in Sweden is Lobster and Lamb! * Heading to Skansen for the best traditional New Year celebrations and fireworks? Get there in time, best is to buy a prepaid ticket! * Best view for the Fireworks […]

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Sweden in political chaos?

After the election it now seems Sweden has 4 years of political chaos ahead, the right wing lost the power but nobody won it! The two top names in the right wing, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Sweden’s finance minister Anders Borg are leaving party politics after the right government lost parliamentary elections on sunday. The left lead […]

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Drink beer in Stockholm

Be prepared to drink beer! October 12-13 there is a beer festival in Stockholm. At Mosebacke terass there will be music, beer, german style ladies? and a lot more. All we know right now is that it will be fun!    

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