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Midsummer – biggest holiday in Sweden!

Midsummer is the most celebrated holiday in Sweden. Raising and dancing around a maypole (midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts most people. Greenery is used to decorate the pole and on top of barns and also used to make a midsummer ribbon (midsommarkrans) with flowers that can be worn by children and women. Besides looking […]

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Big events in Stockholm 2016

Here are some major events in Stockholm during the first half of 2016. Formex – 20 january The largest interior design fair for Nordic design (trade) Shrove Tuesday – 9 february Fettisdagen, Shrove Tuesday in Stockholm, eating frenzie! Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair – 9 february Art exhibition at Liljevalchs – 12 […]

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Today Stockholm winter lights goes on!

If you are in Stockholm city today you can watch all the Christmas light go on for the first time this year, the most beautiful and spectacular sight are the larger than life elks almost looking like they are walking towards the city. The place to see the elks are Nybroplan, the same place where […]

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Where to find Midsummer in Stockholm

Best midsummer event is as always at Skansen At Skansen you can find all the best parts of a Swedish midsummer, shows, costumes, dancing and picninc. byo. The maypole will be raised at 2pm. Traditional midsummer party in Vitabergsparken Starting at 12pm the midsummer party in Vita Bergsparken kicks off with speeches from the local […]

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Walpurgis Night Stockholm

Every year on the 30th of April Sweden is on fire celebrating the emerging spring. Known as Valborg it’s a wonderful night of warming fires and singing to welcome spring to the northern hemisphere.  It’s celebrated by people of all ages, just put on warm clothes and follow some Swedes to the nearest fire! It […]

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Kungsträdgården – Cherry Flowers day Stockholm

Kungsträdgården – Cherry Flower day 2015 In the center of Stockholm, right where the tram for Djurgården and Skansen takes off When: Saturday April 18 Time:  13:00 to 17:00 Cherry Flower day is Kungsträdgårdens start and sign of spring in Stockholm. Lot’s of events, great food and information! And with the help of some sunshine […]

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Spring Flea market Stockholm

Buy old Swedish things! Find a treasure! Antiques! Whatever! Where: Wasahallen, a stone throw away from the Wasa museeum heading for Gröna lund. When: 28+29 MARS = GRAND FINALE – Last weeked, join the crowds! Time: 11-16 Find it: A yellow house right beside the water in the luxury Wasa harbour in Djurgården. Wasa Loppis […]

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New years eve in Stockholm

Prepare with warm clothes! It can be a long night outside!  Most common food for new years eve dinner in Sweden is Lobster and Lamb! * Heading to Skansen for the best traditional New Year celebrations and fireworks? Get there in time, best is to buy a prepaid ticket! * Best view for the Fireworks […]

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What to do on Christmas in Stockholm

The last Christmas markets are available today and tomorrow, Skansen and Old Town are the best ones but if you are in a hurry you might catch the Christmas market in the central station! Shopping at NK, the luxury department store in Stockholm. However, why not wait until the 25th when the big year end […]

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Lucia at Skansen Christmas in Stockholm

On the 13th of December you should try to get a glimpse of the Lucia tradition where girls and boys march and sing with candles. If you are a Nobel prize winner you will be woken up by a nice Lucia caravan but otherwise try to find it somewhere by yourself. One such place is […]

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