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Stockholm E-bikes latest update

Stockholm e-Bikes latest update Unfortunately we will probably not see a Stocholm city rental bike system for a long time again. The city has cancelled the contract for Stockholm e-bikes due to too many problems with the service. One major problem was the bikes quality to withstand the constant mistreatment of the bikes. More often […]

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Graduation time in Stockholm

This time of the year the white hats come out to play. It’s graduation time for all the students in Stockholm. They of course needs a big party to celebrate that schools is out!

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Springtime in Stockholm

Once again Springtime has reached Stockholm. The trees are getting green again and even if it’s colder than normal life has started to return to the Capital in Sweden. Time to enjoy Stockholm to the fullest and don’t forget to enjoy the short visit by the Cherry blossoms who are struggling in the cold to […]

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Stockholm e-bikes rental system

Best way to get around in Stockholm is by bike. Now there is a great option for biking around Stockholm city. The new Stockholm e-bikes are a perfect and almost free way of transportation. On a rainy day you can find them everywhere. On a sunny day they might be a bit harder to find […]

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Sweden joins NATO

Today Sweden has decided to join the NATO alliance. Lot’s of military activity in the streets of Stockholm today. Sweden has been a close alliance to NATO for a long time so there will not be a big change. The war in Ukraine is what prompted Sweden to take this step to end it’s famous […]

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Cherry Blossom Stockholm

Time for beautiful flowers to enjoy life in Stockholm. This year the Cherry flowers in Stockholm, Kungsträdgården are more beautiful than usually. They are a welcome relief from the horrors of war and hatred that we have experienced both in the world and in Sweden lately.

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Easter times in Stockholm

Colorful, happy times waiting for the Easter holidays in Stockholm. Eggs and flowers are the most prominent ingredients to a traditional Easter holiday in Sweden. Check out the snowing here In these times any holiday is mostly filled with hopes for peace in Europe and hoping that the war in Ukraine will soon end. Bless […]

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Spring in Stockholm

The safest sign of Spring in Stockholm is a sunny day at Nytorget in SoFo. Here we can find all sorts of people from Stockholm hanging out and a substantial number of tourists also. However just as the virus pandemic seemed to take a break and let us enjoy life again another and this time […]

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Autumn in Stockholm 2021

Do you like colors? Now is the time to enjoy colorful Stockholm and surroundings. Dress well and go out to enjoy autumn in Stockholm. It’s easier now that all limitations due to Covid-19 has been lifted and you are allowed to go to resturants and theathers again. Still be caruful and avoid contact with others […]

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Cold winter in Stockholm

The winter of 2021 is cold in Stockholm. Lot’s of snow and a little less public transport due to the Covid-19 restrictions makes it a little more difficult to get around town. Walking is a great option but since the weather is so cold you really need lot’s of clothes to keep you warm. Since […]

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