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Outdoor Workout new trend in Stockholm

Outdoor Workout new trend in Stockholm Outdoor Workout is the best. Why working out in a stuffy, sweaty gym can’t be what you want to do unless it’s a cold dark winter day. Even outside Stockholm the trend now is outdoor fitness. Several studies suggest exercising in a natural environment is better for your mood […]

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sweden political chaos
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Sweden in political chaos?

After the election it now seems Sweden has 4 years of political chaos ahead, the right wing lost the power but nobody won it! The two top names in the right wing, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Sweden’s finance minister Anders Borg are leaving party politics after the right government lost parliamentary elections on sunday. The left lead […]

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stockholm today power plant

Stockholm power

This is the most centrally located power plant in Stockholm, looks pretty clean though and sure will be good to have now that autumn is soon here!

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