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Easter times in Stockholm

Colorful, happy times waiting for the Easter holidays in Stockholm. Eggs and flowers are the most prominent ingredients to a traditional Easter holiday in Sweden. Check out the snowing here In these times any holiday is mostly filled with hopes for peace in Europe and hoping that the war in Ukraine will soon end. Bless […]

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Taste Stockholm food

If you missed the exhibition Taste Stockholm – a large food festivals where several of the country’s top chefs, restaurants and food trucks gather among a variety of food cultures that have become popular in Stockholm you have two days left, today and Sunday. Head over to Kungsträdgården and come with an empty stomach so […]

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Healthy eating in Stockholm

At the farmers market in Stockholm you find all sorts of healthy ecologically grown vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Many people in Stockholm prefer organic food. Vegetarian or even vegan diet is popular among mostly young people. To balance this there is now a trend to eat expensive and delicious homemade hamburgers and small restaurants and […]

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IKEA Blanda Blank bowl mystery

IKEA is a company who in many ways is miles ahead of others when it comes to inventing smart products at lower than average costs. This time they seem to have out done themselves, with the steel bowl Blanda Blank they have created the first bowl in the history that can cook your food without […]

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Nightmarket in Stockholm, hötorget tonight!

Night Market offers food, drinks and great music, beautiful art and unique design. A nice place to hang in one of Stockholm’s most central and mythical places, Hötorgsterrassen. Stockholm city at Sveavägen 17. Between the famous high rises. Time: 18.00-23.00 Don’t miss a great and unique event in Stockholm by night!

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Swim in Stockholm city center

With summer there might be some warmer weather coming to Stockholm. Warm enough for a swim? It depends on your preferences but maybe we can get water temperatures that reach or even goes over 20 degrees. So, where is the best place to go for a swim in Stockholm? If you want to stay in […]

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High above Stockholm in Kungsträdgården tower

Hurry up and enjoy a splendid panorama view of Stockholm from the temporary high tower in Kungsträdgården. During Euro vision festivities the tower will take people up to a fantastic and hilarious height. Do you dare the ride? If you want to see Stockholm city from above but in a more solid structure we recommend […]

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Swans in Stockholm

Swans and other birds enjoy a little extra food during winter time and in Stockholm city they get a daily snack close to the Stockholm Castle and Kungsträdgården. Now that Stockholm had the first real snow this winter afternoons are a little brighter and perfect for watching the birds enjoy their winter snacks. Here are […]

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Stockholm – day before Christmas

What are Swedish people doing on the day before Christmas? Queuing up for the Delicatessen & Fish shop of course. Not everybody have time to make their own herring, ham, meatballs, gravy Salmon that needs to be on the Swedish Christmas table. The solution is to go to somebody who makes the best home cooking […]

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Delicious Crisp Hard Bread

When in Stockholm don’t miss out on eating some of the very delicious hard crisp bread. A big favorite among Swedes and mostly loved by everyone who gets a chance to try it. Goes well just with some butter but the list and variety of other toppings is never ending, there is probably nothing from […]

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