Culture Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

SoFo Night shopping – Stockholm, Södermalm

Nicest place to do your evening shopping is at SoFo in Södermalm. A hip place with more cafes, bars and smart shops you can wish for in Stockholm. The last Thursday every month there is the SoFo Night when most shops are open until 21:00. Enjoy a great evening and great shopping at local small […]

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art pornography subway stockholm today
Art Culture Sightseeing Stockholm

Subway Art or Subway Porn in Stockholm?

This week new art was on display in the subway of Stockholm. Sweden is a country that is very liberal so this art might not shock many people here. But for those who are a little more sensitive and maybe want to choose what kind of pictures small kids look at might have objections as […]

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ikea blanda blank bowl mystery
Food News Stockholm Tips

IKEA Blanda Blank bowl mystery

IKEA is a company who in many ways is miles ahead of others when it comes to inventing smart products at lower than average costs. This time they seem to have out done themselves, with the steel bowl Blanda Blank they have created the first bowl in the history that can cook your food without […]

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stockholm today march rain
Art Culture Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Weather

Gloomy March in Stockholm

The month of march look like it will be a very boring, gloomy month. Luckily there are many nice things to do in Stockholm anyway, FIKA is one of the best. Explore all the wonderful fika spots all over town, many with organic, homemade bread and buns! Swedish shops are great, especially around SoFo area, […]

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acne stockholm today fashion
Art Culture Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

What do you know about Swedish fashion?

Swedish fashion is usually simple and very wearable with quite a high trendy mark. Think of Acne as a good example. Fashion is one of the more popular contemporary expressions along music and video and many young people want to be fashion designers. This can be seen in Stockholm’s fashion shopping districts like Östermalm but […]

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stockholm shopping globen city mall
Food Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

Shopping in Stockholm

Best time for shopping in Stockholm is right now! Lot’s of store’s are still having end of sale offers. Some with big reductions like -50% or more. Right after big sales like Christmas sale or New Years sale there are lot’s of goods that have not been picked up and the stores need to clear […]

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stockholm christmas no snow
Culture Sightseeing Stockholm

Merry Christmas from Stockholm Today

Have a nice holiday weekend in Stockholm! And don’t forget that the big Christmas sale starts already on Christmas eve in case you forgot to buy Christmas presents!

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old town stockholm sunset winter shadows
Art Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

Sunset in Old Town Stockholm

During winter the sun goes down and sets early in Stockholm. So do all your sightseeing and shopping early and visit museums, cafes and restaurants in the afternoon and evening. Enjoying the sunshine is one of the most important things to do when you live in a northern country like Sweden with it’s cold and […]

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sofo södermalm crowded stockholm today
Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Street Fashion

Crowded in SoFo Stockholm

SoFo is getting more and more popular everyday. Very rightly so as it is a great place to spend your Stockholm holiday. The small bars, cafes and shops has the best and the greatest selection of good things in Stockholm. So SoFo is also getting more crowded of course. On a sunny day in Södermalm, […]

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Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

Using your phone in Stockholm

Using your own phone in Stockholm is great, Stockholm and Sweden generally has great IT infrastructure. WiFi is abundant and 4g is just about everywhere. That said, depending on your own contract it is usually still expensive to use your phone internationally and especially surfing the web with data traffic. Are you lucky to have […]

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