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Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm

Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm SL Stockholm now has new tickets aimed to make it easier for tourists using public transport. You can pay with your credit card (easiest) or through the SL app on your mobile phone. Current price is 39 SEK for unlimited 75 minutes of travel within Stockholm greater area. […]

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Stockholm E-bikes are currently not operating

The Stockholm e-bikes have been riddled with problems since the start with vandalism, a bad rental system and fewer than promised bikes out on the streets. Now there has been an accident and the whole system is stopped. In the news it’s said to be an announcement soon on the availability for the rental bikes […]

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National day Stockholm 2022

Stockholm celebrated National day 2022 With good weather and no covid-19 restrictions the celebrations of the National day went fine in Stockholm. Happy people everywhere!

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Cherry Blossom Stockholm

Time for beautiful flowers to enjoy life in Stockholm. This year the Cherry flowers in Stockholm, Kungsträdgården are more beautiful than usually. They are a welcome relief from the horrors of war and hatred that we have experienced both in the world and in Sweden lately.

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Easter times in Stockholm

Colorful, happy times waiting for the Easter holidays in Stockholm. Eggs and flowers are the most prominent ingredients to a traditional Easter holiday in Sweden. Check out the snowing here In these times any holiday is mostly filled with hopes for peace in Europe and hoping that the war in Ukraine will soon end. Bless […]

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Spring in Stockholm

The safest sign of Spring in Stockholm is a sunny day at Nytorget in SoFo. Here we can find all sorts of people from Stockholm hanging out and a substantial number of tourists also. However just as the virus pandemic seemed to take a break and let us enjoy life again another and this time […]

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Cherry flowers ahead of spring in Stockholm

Spring is slowly and carefully trying to make an approach in Stockholm. We are waiting for the cold northen winds to stop blowing the spring away as soon as it tries to arrive. The Cherry flowers cannot wait and now Kungsträdgården in Stockholm is a beautiful place with all the cherry flowers giving us hope […]

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Enjoy Stockholm online during corona virus travel bans

Since most people can’t travel right now during the corona pandemic we absolutely don’t want you to miss out on the beautiful spring season in Stockholm. This is such a lovely season in Stockholm so wet you appetite for Stockholm by browsing through all our spring posts (and other posts as well). Please enjoy and […]

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Cherry Blossom in January!

Call it global warning, climate crisis or what ever but these cute cherry blossoms don’t care. They believe that spring has come to Stockholm already in January. Yes, in late January it’s a first for most people to experience cherry trees blooming right in what should be the most cold time of the year, late […]

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Paul Simon Homeward Bound – The Farewell Tour in Stockholm

Paul Simon’s last concert in Stockholm – The Farewell Tour is now in Stockholm Playing at Ericsson Globe Arena it will be a life time chance to see Paul Simon on his last farewell tour in Stockholm. Saturday 30/6 is the only upcoming Paul Simon concert in Stockholm. Don’t miss out.  

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