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Cultural night in Stockholm 2024

Cultural night in Stockholm 2024 One of the biggest yearly events in Stockholm is the cultural night, Kulturnatten. This year it’s on the 20th of April. It’s a free cultural night where all participants let’s you taste a sample of what they can offer. Theater, music, performance arts and all else you can think of. […]

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Winter in April Stockholm
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OK, winter is back for a couple of days

OK, winter is back for a couple of days Never underestimate the power of winter in Sweden. It can strike anytime nowadays. April starts with a couple of decimeters of snow. Back into the closet and grab all winter clothes again. Have fun skiing for a couple of more days in Stockholm.

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The worlds most popular Swedish meatballs!

Where to find the worlds most popular Swedish meatballs? At Meatballs for the People you get the best Swedish meatballs in the world. Be prepared to stand in a line before your culinary delight is served though as this place is wildly popular all year around. What are meatballs really? Swedish meatballs are a culinary […]

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Stockholm Furniture Fair

Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024 Furniture design with Scandinavian Simplicity The timeless appeal of Scandinavian design is always nice to look at, with its signature clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, and improved functionality. Still building on the traditional Nordic design language. The result can be a perfect balance between simplicity and innovation. Formafantasma – Guest of Honour […]

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Saffron in cakes, a Swedish luxury ingredient

Saffron, a Swedish luxury ingredient In stores in Sweden, ordinary saffron costs approximately 20 SEK for half a gram, which translates into a kilo price of about 40,000 SEK. This makes Saffron by far the most expensive spice in our shops. In order to produce one kilogram of saffron, it would take approximately 170,000 saffron […]

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wtt stockholm women final 2023

WTT – Stockholm October 2023

Stockholm enjoyed some world-class table tennis during the week. WTT visited Stockholm. The winner of the women final was Sakura Mori (Japan) and silver went to Xiaona Shan (Germany). Truls Möregårdh (Moregard) won the men’s final over Mattias Falck. Both from Sweden.

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Are you prepared? To Run? In the night?

Stockholm Midnight run is on again next weekend. Mark this fun event in your calendar! And cheer your favorite runners all the way into the goal. Best spot to see them giving their best is probably Vita Bergsparken super uphill challenge!

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sweden women football loss
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Sweden women lost in the semi final

Unfortunately and despite lot’s and lot’s of fans trying to cheer the team to a victory, Sweden lost to Spain in the semi final. Let’s hope they might secure a bronze medal during the next match. If the weather permits go check it out in one of the wonderful parks and outdoor cafes in Stockholm.

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Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm

Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm SL Stockholm now has new tickets aimed to make it easier for tourists using public transport. You can pay with your credit card (easiest) or through the SL app on your mobile phone. Current price is 39 SEK for unlimited 75 minutes of travel within Stockholm greater area. […]

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Stockholm E-bikes are currently not operating

The Stockholm e-bikes have been riddled with problems since the start with vandalism, a bad rental system and fewer than promised bikes out on the streets. Now there has been an accident and the whole system is stopped. In the news it’s said to be an announcement soon on the availability for the rental bikes […]

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