Outdoor Workout new trend in Stockholm

stockholm today outdoor gym

Outdoor Workout new trend in Stockholm

Outdoor Workout is the best. Why working out in a stuffy, sweaty gym can’t be what you want to do unless it’s a cold dark winter day.

Even outside Stockholm the trend now is outdoor fitness. Several studies suggest exercising in a natural environment is better for your mood and your health. One of many studies shows that outdoor joggers produce more feel-good serotonin and has less anxiety and depression than those who run on indoor treadmills. Other studies show patients recovering from surgery needs less pain medication when their rooms have views of beautiful natural surroundings.

Exercising outdoors, not only makes your workouts more fun but also dramatically enhances vitality, your confidence and your complete fitness.

Luckily Stockholm has many outdoor gyms and more are planned, Stockholm will be a even more healthy city!

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