Midsummer – biggest holiday in Sweden!

midsummer fun sweden

Midsummer is the most celebrated holiday in Sweden.

Raising and dancing around a maypole (midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts most people. Greenery is used to decorate the pole and on top of barns and also used to make a midsummer ribbon (midsommarkrans) with flowers that can be worn by children and women. Besides looking beautiful it is supposed to bring good fortune and health to people.

Practically everybody is celebrating and the city is empty as everybody is in their own cottage or a friends summerhouse to enjoy the real Swedish midsummer party all night long. Remember to watch the sunrise during all the partying!

If you see somebody in the city that is a tourist just like yourself. Say hello and “Glad Midsommar!”

If you want to have a party of your own the best place to get a feeling for midsummer evening is at Skansen. Here you can enjoy all parts of the celebrations, the music and the culture behind it. Yes, there is a lot of alcohol consumed during this night but probably not at Skansen.

This is a picture from the Nordic Museum, taken by L O Åkerman a couple of years back, of a few happy Midsummer party men!

By the way, the weather is for some reason usually bad on this the most important day of the year..

midsummer fun sweden


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