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Enjoy IRL “TikTok Experience” at Gröna Lund in Stockholm

Enjoy a IRL “TikTok Experience” at Gröna Lund in Stockholm There will be 20 live performances, you can mingle with TikTok creators and maybe there is time to try out all amusement rides and much, much more. Get your ticket via Sunday 10 September 2023Time: 12:00Location: Gröna LundArea: ÖstermalmAddress: Djurgården Get the tram or […]

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The farmer’s local market at Södermalm

The farmer’s local market The farmer’s local market in Södermalm Autumn market in Södermalm and at the Tessin park in Östermalm. Vegetables, berries, meat, game, salmon, crayfish, honey, bread, eggs, cheese, flowers and much more. There is also a Flee market. Saturday 2 September 2023 Time: 10:00 – 15:00Location: Katarina BangataArea: SödermalmAddress: Katarina BangataSubway: Skanstull […]

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Are you prepared? To Run? In the night?

Stockholm Midnight run is on again next weekend. Mark this fun event in your calendar! And cheer your favorite runners all the way into the goal. Best spot to see them giving their best is probably Vita Bergsparken super uphill challenge!

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Eckhart Tolle in stockholm

Enjoy a evening seminar with Eckhart Tolle on the 15 of September 2023 Spend an evening with Eckhart Tolle in Stockholm as he guides people to spiritual awakening and transformation of consciousness. With his warmth, humor and compassion, Eckhart can bring you to the peace and tranquility that comes from living in the moment. Eckhart’s […]

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New bike rental system in Stockholm

The Italian company RideMovi has from July 1, 2023, been selected to run Stockholm E-bike rental system. They are supposed to put out 1,500 rental electric bicycles on the city’s streets. The electric bikes are rented through the RideMovi app, which you download to your phone. The bikes will be put out starting in the […]

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Filadelfia stockholm
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Patti Smith visit Stockholm on June 8

Patti Smith visit Stockholm on June 8 If you are into rock and pop why not see the classic icon of rock music, Patti Smith when you are in Stockholm. The venue Filadelfia is conveniently located in the city at St. Eriksplan.

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Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm

Prices for public transport tickets in Stockholm SL Stockholm now has new tickets aimed to make it easier for tourists using public transport. You can pay with your credit card (easiest) or through the SL app on your mobile phone. Current price is 39 SEK for unlimited 75 minutes of travel within Stockholm greater area. […]

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Stockholm e-bikes rental system

Sadly the wonderful Stockholm e-bike system has closed down for good. It was to good to be true and was mistreated by to many people to be able to operate as planned. It will probably be replaced by a commercial bike rental system sooner or later that will be much more expensive to use. Keep […]

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Springtime in Stockholm

Springtime is the best time in Stockholm. A little red cottage in the middle of the city is a dream a lot of people in Stockholm enjoy. This little sun bathing cliff in the center of Stockholm might be the best spot to see why. Imagine sitting here enjoying your Fika time with some fresh […]

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Autumn in Stockholm 2021

Do you like colors? Now is the time to enjoy colorful Stockholm and surroundings. Dress well and go out to enjoy autumn in Stockholm. It’s easier now that all limitations due to Covid-19 has been lifted and you are allowed to go to resturants and theathers again. Still be caruful and avoid contact with others […]

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