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Sweden joins NATO

Today Sweden has decided to join the NATO alliance. Lot’s of military activity in the streets of Stockholm today. Sweden has been a close alliance to NATO for a long time so there will not be a big change. The war in Ukraine is what prompted Sweden to take this step to end it’s famous […]

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No evening drinks in Stockholm

Due to the Corona virus it is now forbidden to buy alcohol in bars and restaurants after 10 PM in Stockholm. In another attempt to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading this unusual rule has been put in place. It will certainly decrease the number of people who want to spend an evening with others […]

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Sweden corona policies – do as you like but keep the distance

Sweden has chosen to go it’s own way in the fight against the corona virus. Not a complete lock down with closed shops, restaurants and no expensive fines for going outside for leisure or shopping. People are asked to keep a safe distance, showing a responsibility for helping others not to catch the corona virus. […]

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Cherry Blossom in January!

Call it global warning, climate crisis or what ever but these cute cherry blossoms don’t care. They believe that spring has come to Stockholm already in January. Yes, in late January it’s a first for most people to experience cherry trees blooming right in what should be the most cold time of the year, late […]

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New architecture in Stockholm

Some places in Stockholm get’s new and very modern architecture. Here’s a new house just built close the debated hospital Karolinska. It’s not pretty like other older buildings in Stockholm but rather looks like Stockholm suddenly had a gigantic termite structure grown up completely out of place.  Hopefully it might be fun for the people who […]

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See Stockholm from a wooden bike

Summer is ending, autumn is here in Stockholm and it will be beautiful as usual. To see Stockholm from a wooden bike must be the perfect and wonderful experience. It will not cost the environment anything and what a good feeling to leave as little behind you as possibly can. Try the Stockholm wooden bike […]

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Best way to experience Stockholm on a budget

We know Stockholm inside out here at Stockholm today but it is always nice to read the tips from someone with a different perspective and looking at Stockholm from the outside in. Probably one of the best sources of tips you can get is from the fellow named Nomadic Matt. A well know world traveler […]

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Moral scandal again in Sweden – Nobel and the Swedish Academy

All of Sweden and many countries are now talking about the scandals that involve the Swedish academy and the Nobel foundation and also the Royal house, the King of Sweden. It has proceeded from being a dirty story about one of the academy’s members husband involved in sex crimes, financial irregularities and leaked information about […]

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Is Stockholm a safe city to visit?

As long as you compare Stockholm to other major cities in Europe you can say that it is safe in Stockholm. So far Stockholm safety levels are similar to London, Paris or Berlin for inhabitants and visitors. There are suburbs you might avoid unless you look for the adventure of meeting gangs who can be […]

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Tired of Swedish meatballs?

When and if you get tired of Swedish meatballs there are lot’s of alternative food in Stockholm. One of the most convenient places might be the food court K25 in Stockholm, Kungsgatan. Here you will find the most trendy, popular food in Stockholm. Asian, The now super popular fast food handmade burgers and lot’s of […]

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