New bike rental system in Stockholm

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The Italian company RideMovi has from July 1, 2023, been selected to run Stockholm E-bike rental system. They are supposed to put out 1,500 rental electric bicycles on the city’s streets. The electric bikes are rented through the RideMovi app, which you download to your phone.

The bikes will be put out starting in the inner city during the month of July. When you use the service, there are several parking options:

  • Normal bike racks
  • Electric scooter frames
  • Painted rental bike boxes

This system is nowhere as generous as the previous system which enabled anyone to use and pay for the bikes. This is a commercial system where you pay a similar price as you pay for the E-scooters, with pay per minute options or passes that can go up to a month with free/limited use of the E-bikes. Costs is currently around 200 SEK for a monthly payment and around 100 SEK for a 3 day pass. For up to date prices, see the RideMovi app.

Let us know how you like the new system, it’s definitely better than nothing but probably not as convenient and cost friendly as the previous one.

RideMovi’s license for Stockholm extends to the end of the year, but may be renewed before the next license period.

2 thoughts on “New bike rental system in Stockholm

  1. Is this service still available?
    Where do I call for assistance?
    The app dosn’t work ;(

    1. Hi Andreas, as far as we know, they could not handle the winter in Stockholm and are currently pausing the service.

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