axeldanielsson flavour wave icecream
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Youngest ice cream seller in Södermalm?

18-year-old Axel Danielson runs his own ice cream shop in Götgatsbacken. Axel Danielson has started his own ice cream shop on Götgatan only two weeks after finishing school. Now his Flavor Wave have opened. Working hours? Ten hour pass – seven days a week He will be in the shop seven days a week, almost […]

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stockholmtoday ice cold walking
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Stockholm – cold beautiful and slippery

Yes, Stockholm is cold beautiful and slippery right now. When you step out of the city center and walk some less frequented paths you might encounter completely ice covered pavements. Stockholm city does not seem to have any money to clear the streets well from ice patches and completely ice covered areas. So look out […]

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stockholmtoday cold snow skating
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Ice cold Stockholm

Stockholm had some of the coldest days this winter yesterday and today. The city center was down to about minus 10 degrees. Very cold unless you are very well dressed! With a little bit of strong wind the cold effect gets down to almost minus 20 degrees for exposed skin like your nose, chin and […]

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stockholm today sofo summer 2016
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Summer 2016 SoFo has started

At last Stockholm and SoFo has gotten a preview a summer 2016. Sun is visible, temperatures has risen above 10 deg. and Nytorgsparken is filled with happy people again! Queues are growing at Södermalms best ice-cream shop close to the park. And the weather seems to be holding on all through the Eurovision song contest […]

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stockholm today dog weather
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Dog weather in Stockholm

Yes, unfortunately it’s dog weather today in Stockholm. Rain, snow, water, all mixed together in a horrible dark gloomy day. But do not dispair, tomorrow everything is as usual, all water will be frozen to ice and lot’s of people in Stockholm will break a bone or two on the new icy pavements. Here are […]

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stockholm rain summer
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Rainy cold Stockholm

The summer of 2015 seems to be the summer that never was. Very few days above 20 degrees (68F) and mostly rainy. We’ll the ice cream sales go down and the museums go up. Also many Swedish people try to go to warmer places during their long 5 weeks holidays. This is how Stockholm looks […]

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raw food festival stockholm
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Rawfood Health Festival Stockholm

Graw Rawfood Festival Stockholm Get some inspiration for your raw food efforts! visit the Raw food festival in Stockholm! Join and become part of a healthier, happier and more nutritious Stockholm! 1-day festival in Stockholm, come and learn, eat, get inspired to be more healthy  –  Raw Food open to all! At the festival you […]

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Best Hostel in Stockholm City?

Best Hostel in Stockholm City? City Backpackers Hostel receives almost only good reviews from the people who have stayed there. Wifi is free, you can even borrow ice-skates (during winter) and the hostel has a friendly staff! Breakfast seems to be worth the cost. some say that it’s a little on the expensive side when […]

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earthquake sweden september 15 2014
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Big earthquake in Sweden today

A relatively large earthquake (jordskalv) struck today a little north of Dalarna, in södra Härjedalen in Sweden. It measured 4.1 on the Richter scale and was felt all the way from Norway and in the surrounding area i Sweden. These shakes are uncommon in Sweden and the last one of this magnitude (4.3) hit the south of […]

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stockholm today -15C
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Stockholm cold weather – be careful out there

It’s cold but beautiful weather in Stockholm today, just be careful with warm clothes and you should be fine. Don’t forget to check out the roof tops for hanging ice!

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