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Sweden women lost in the semi final

Unfortunately and despite lot’s and lot’s of fans trying to cheer the team to a victory, Sweden lost to Spain in the semi final. Let’s hope they might secure a bronze medal during the next match. If the weather permits go check it out in one of the wonderful parks and outdoor cafes in Stockholm.

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stockholmtoday sweden joins nato
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Sweden joins NATO

Today Sweden has decided to join the NATO alliance. Lot’s of military activity in the streets of Stockholm today. Sweden has been a close alliance to NATO for a long time so there will not be a big change. The war in Ukraine is what prompted Sweden to take this step to end it’s famous […]

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Sweden corona policies – do as you like but keep the distance

Sweden has chosen to go it’s own way in the fight against the corona virus. Not a complete lock down with closed shops, restaurants and no expensive fines for going outside for leisure or shopping. People are asked to keep a safe distance, showing a responsibility for helping others not to catch the corona virus. […]

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midsummer fun sweden
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Midsummer – biggest holiday in Sweden!

Midsummer is the most celebrated holiday in Sweden. Raising and dancing around a maypole (midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts most people. Greenery is used to decorate the pole and on top of barns and also used to make a midsummer ribbon (midsommarkrans) with flowers that can be worn by children and women. Besides looking […]

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Swedish people are kind!

Here is an example of how much Swedish people love nature and the wild animals. A touching rescue scene from winter wonderland in Sweden. This Elk video is probably viral already!

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stockholm today mothers day sweden
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Mothers day in Sweden today

If you are in Sweden today make sure you appreciate any mothers you might know!

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Kent farewell year 2016
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Swedish pop band Kent to quit playing as a group

This is big news in Sweden, there was even a headline yesterday.  The Swedish pop band Kent has announced that they will quit playing as a group from this year. If you wanted to see a live performance with Kent you better hurry up and catch one of their last concerts! Here is some information […]

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Kenza Z stockholm today
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Most popular fashion blog in Sweden – Kenza

Fashion is always a hot topic so blogging about it is a great way to get attention. Kenza who was born in Sweden about 23 years ago knows this. She also hosted her own web show Kenza & Tyra Show and now the blog “Kenzas” has become one of Sweden’s most viewed blogs. She is also […]

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sweden political chaos
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Sweden in political chaos?

After the election it now seems Sweden has 4 years of political chaos ahead, the right wing lost the power but nobody won it! The two top names in the right wing, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Sweden’s finance minister Anders Borg are leaving party politics after the right government lost parliamentary elections on sunday. The left lead […]

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