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santa claus stockholm run
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Santa Claus in Stockholm

So many Santa Claus are in Stockholm, in one place and so happy! The annual Santa Claus Run is a nice December get together for families and people who enjoy to run and dress up as Santa Claus. Whether you believe in Santa Claus or not is less important, they are definitely here in Stockholm, […]

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safari urbain stockholm light show Julien Nonnon
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Safari Urbain Stockholm exhibition

Do you like street art? On the 25th French multi artist Julien Nonnon will start his exhibition Safari Urbain Stockholm lighting up Stockholm city with projections of thought provoking large images. Don’t miss it if you are in Stockholm during the weekend!

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stockholm today pink bike sofo
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Worlds most pink bike

The worlds most pink bike, now in the white snow of Stockholm vinter. In SoFo this has been a real eye candy for a long time now. See if you can find it when you visit Södermalm and the hip area of Sofo!

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stockholm today design market night
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Nightmarket in Stockholm, hötorget tonight!

Night Market offers food, drinks and great music, beautiful art and unique design. A nice place to hang in one of Stockholm’s most central and mythical places, Hötorgsterrassen. Stockholm city at Sveavägen 17. Between the famous high rises. Time: 18.00-23.00 Don’t miss a great and unique event in Stockholm by night!

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stockholm sofo today sneaker sale
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Sofo today, queuing for limited edition sneakers

Sneaker store in Sofo at Åsögatan has a sale today and the queue has started well before the shop opens and is already long. Some happy sneakers will find new owners today!

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stockholm spring street fashion
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Stockholm street fashion

With some great spring weather in Stockholm people also bring out their wonderful spring outfits. Here’s a classic modern look with perfect color matching.  Great setting with Grand Hotel in the background. Now is the time to enjoy Stockholm Street fashion!

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sofo södermalm crowded stockholm today
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Crowded in SoFo Stockholm

SoFo is getting more and more popular everyday. Very rightly so as it is a great place to spend your Stockholm holiday. The small bars, cafes and shops has the best and the greatest selection of good things in Stockholm. So SoFo is also getting more crowded of course. On a sunny day in Södermalm, […]

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Stockholm today sivletto Sofo
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Great places in SoFo, södermalm – Sivletto

The Shop Sivletto has unfortunately closed its doors since this article was written. You can still find them online at You did miss an experience if you never had time to visit the shop but that’s life. There are other experiences out there waiting for us! Sivletto is a hidden treasure in Södermalm. It’s […]

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stockhom today wall art
Art Sightseeing Stockholm Street Fashion Tips

Stockholm Art

Stockholm is full of art, there are quite a lot money reserved for art projects in Stockholm which is good for artists and fun for all the people in Stockholm. The subway lines from Kungsträdgården has installation in every station and it’s a nice experience to see them. You can find art almost everywhere and […]

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Art Sightseeing Stockholm Street Fashion

Street fashion Stockholm

Street fashion in Stockholm, on the bus saturday evening!

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