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Stockholm today sivletto Sofo

The Shop Sivletto has unfortunately closed its doors since this article was written. You can still find them online at You did miss an experience if you never had time to visit the shop but that’s life. There are other experiences out there waiting for us!

Sivletto is a hidden treasure in Södermalm. It’s a time machine into the happy easy life of the 50’s when we didn’t know the world was so complicated.

An incredible shop, cafe, hairdresser, Sivletto has it all and is a true lifestyle boutique with focus on clothing and the American 50’s including the Elvis look, Rockabilly and much more.

Adress is Malmgårdsvägen 16-18, and important to remember, it’s down stairs, from the street you can’t see anything. A truly hidden gem on Södermalm.

There is also a sister shop, Unionville on Katarina Bangata 69 in SoFo, södermalm.

Stockholm today sivletto Sofo

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