Looking for quality home-made chocolate in Stockholm?

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You will find it in Stockholm, Södermalm on a cheesy little back street where at first it looks like time has stood still. However as you look you will find small Tattoo shops, a beer shop and many other not so old type of boutiques that have found their way into this little forgotten street by the name of Kocksgatan, unless my memory fools me it was on this street Greta Garbo started out her life as a young girl.

stockholm today home-made chocolate

And most importantly, you will find the Choklad Kompaniet. A wonderful small chocolate factory and shop where you can view the chocolate you soon will buy being made. You can even have your very own chocolate made to order here. A true chocolate foodie lovers dream place, including a small cafe where you can start eating chocolate even before you leave the shop.

stockholm today home-made chocolate

Run by friendly and young chocolate aficionados you can’t find a better place to enjoy some hot chocolate during the cold winter months in Stockholm!

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