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Art Museum in Stockholm

Stockholm’s Art Museums – The Modern Museum and Sven-Harrys Museum Stockholm is not only known for historic architecture, bridges over troubled waters and an archipelago with thousands of islands. Here is also a vibrant art scene. Among our favourites are The Modern Museum (Moderna Museet) and Sven-Harrys Museum, one on a beautiful city island called […]

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meatballs for the people 2024 Stockholmtoday
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The worlds most popular Swedish meatballs!

Where to find the worlds most popular Swedish meatballs? At Meatballs for the People you get the best Swedish meatballs in the world. Be prepared to stand in a line before your culinary delight is served though as this place is wildly popular all year around. What are meatballs really? Swedish meatballs are a culinary […]

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new years eve stockholm fireworks
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Celebrating New Year for 2024

Stockholm streets will fill up with happy residents and visitors as usually, sharing cheers and toasts as they welcome 2024. This year the only traditional celebration is on Skansen, Djurgården featuring a popular concert and midnight countdown. There are no official fireworks this New Year but hopefully people will celebrate and send some rockets to […]

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santa claus stockholm run
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Stockholm Santa run 2023

Stockholm Santa run 2023 Don’t miss the Stockholm Santa run on Sunday December 17th. You will never see that many Santa’s in one snowy place running for all they are worth! Start and end is in Kungsträdgården and they run around the Stockholm Castle and the Old Town. They start running at 11 AM and […]

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stockholmtoday christma market sofo
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Cosy small Christmas market at SOFO Stockholm

Want to visit a nice Christmas market in Stockholm but not be in a crowd of other tourists? Then you can go to SOFO Christmas market in Stockholm, Södermalm Here most shops are doing a little market outside the shop so you can enjoy the snow and do some local food or handicraft shopping at […]

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Enjoy IRL “TikTok Experience” at Gröna Lund in Stockholm

Enjoy a IRL “TikTok Experience” at Gröna Lund in Stockholm There will be 20 live performances, you can mingle with TikTok creators and maybe there is time to try out all amusement rides and much, much more. Get your ticket via Sunday 10 September 2023Time: 12:00Location: Gröna LundArea: ÖstermalmAddress: Djurgården Get the tram or […]

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Culture News Stockholm

Right Livelihood Awards 2023

Right Livelihood Awards 2023 Who are the winners and change-makers receiving the 2023 Right Livelihood Award? On Thursday, September 28 it will be revealed. The four new Laureates will receive their awards at 8 am Central European Summer Time during a live press conference in Stockholm. You can follow the announcement live the website! There […]

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stockholmtoday mindfulness calm meditation
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Eckhart Tolle in stockholm

Enjoy a evening seminar with Eckhart Tolle on the 15 of September 2023 Spend an evening with Eckhart Tolle in Stockholm as he guides people to spiritual awakening and transformation of consciousness. With his warmth, humor and compassion, Eckhart can bring you to the peace and tranquility that comes from living in the moment. Eckhart’s […]

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Stockholm midsummer
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Mid Summer in the City

Mid Summer in the City Still stuck in the city but would like to celebrate Midsummer? Here are the last minute places you can visit. It will be crowded so get there in time! Skansen 10.00 Tie Midsummer wreaths. 14.00 raising of the Midsummer pole.Time: 10.00-22-00Classic celebration, music. Dancing, playing and fun is promised! Södermalm […]

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skansen stockholm today midsummer
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Midsummer in Sweden 2023

Midsummer in Sweden 2023 The top destinations for celebrating Midsummer in Sweden are Leksand, Dalarna or Skansen, Stockholm. This year midsummer is celebrated on the 23/6. In Dalarna, Midsummer is the big thing. The midsummer celebration is celebrated in a very traditional way in most places. But you will need a car to reach most […]

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