Best coffee in Stockholm

stockholm best esaias coffee

Where can you find the best coffee in Stockholm?

Here’s a strong tip! Visit Cafe Esaias on Drottningatan 102 in Stockholm.

Awarded third best coffee in Stockholm, Sweden by the famous White Guide means you can’t go wrong if you buy a cup here. Strong emphasis on eco and fair trade also means that you not only get a great coffee but your money does some good too, what a wonderful world!

The cafe is a small but nice, well seated place with the important outside seats for enjoying the Swedish summer. Staff is professional and the cafe has more staff than is usual in Stockholm where you many times get to wait for quite a while as a lonely servant tries to give service to customers.

At Easias there where 3 people working and keeping the waiting line of the popular cafe under control. One important factor in making your visit enjoyable!

best coffee in stockholm esaias

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