Most important price in the world?

Gene_Sharp_2005_w BernardLafayette_ credit_Damon_Lynch Right Livelihood price

Tomorrow one of the most important prices in the world will be given here in Stockholm and no, it’s not the Swedish Nobel price.

It’s the Swedish Right Livelihood priceGene_Sharp_2005_w BernardLafayette_ credit_Damon_Lynch Right Livelihood price. Given to people who help other people making a better life for all who suffer some form of poverty, oppression and other hardship. On the 7th of december it will be delivered in the Swedish parlament.

The winners are:
Gene Sharp (USA)
Henry McLaughlin, Campaign Against Arms Trade (UK)
Sima Samar (Afghanistan)
Hayrettin Karaca (Turkey)

You can follow the ceremony here

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