Free cultural night in stockholm on Saturday!

cultural night stockholm today

cultural night stockholm today

Yes, you might ask yourself, why do they put on all fun events on one day?
Well, there is probably no intelligent answer more than when they call an evening the Cultural evening of Stockholm they want it to be full of events. You can’t win them all or can you? Let us know if you managed 10 or more events during Saturday evening!

Stockholm Culture Night is the night when the cultural life of Stockholm together create a unforgettable experience.

Exhibitions, dancing, mingling and live music are on the menu. And all with free admission! In total, close to 95 art galleries, clubs, museums, theaters and many more participants show off more than 350 events in one night.

When: 20 April
Hours: 18:00-24:00
Where: Around 95 different locations in Stockholm City
Free admission

English program

Here’s a tip for a exhibition that might be fun to watch!


French photographer Horric Lingenheld displays a series of portraits taken between 2011-12. With a twinkle and warmth he portrays locals he met on the streets in the city and neighborhoods.

Where: French Embassy
Address: Narva Road 26, Östermalm

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