Best meatballs in Stockholm, Sweden, world?

stockholmtoday meatballs shop

If you are visiting Stockholm and Sweden you should try some national dishes. One of the most common one is the meatballs and potatoes meal. It’s deliciously simple and done right it can be very good.

Usually it’s also a pretty good choice for the budget minded but you should stay away from the cheapest places, it will ruin your chance to enjoy this traditionally home cooked dish as it should taste.

The best place in Stockholm is the restaurant Meatballs in Södermalm. At Nytorgsgatan 30, a short walk from bus stop Tjärhovsplan or subway Medborgarplatsen.

Here it’s even better than home-cooked, they use only Swedish meat and can usually tell you exactly which cow or other animal that went into your meatballs. There is no shortage of new exiting meatballs made of chicken, deer or even vegetarian balls.

Try it, you wont be sorry you did!

stockholmtoday meatballs shop

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