Youngest ice cream seller in Södermalm?

axeldanielsson flavour wave icecream

18-year-old Axel Danielson runs his own ice cream shop in Götgatsbacken.

Axel Danielson has started his own ice cream shop on Götgatan only two weeks after finishing school.

axeldanielsson flavour wave icecream

Now his Flavor Wave have opened.

Working hours? Ten hour pass – seven days a week

He will be in the shop seven days a week, almost all summer. A week’s vacation is planned but otherwise it’s work, work and more work.

“I’m here for ten hours a day, but it’s fun and I’m learning a lot” says Axel Danielson.

He likes the location at Götgatsbacken but finds that he is not alone in curling ice cream on the pedestrian street.

“I hope it will be better than now. It is a matter of getting people into the shop, I’m completely new here, he says. People will have to find me!

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