Where to find Midsummer in Stockholm

stockholm dalarna today skansen red house

Best midsummer event is as always at Skansen

At Skansen you can find all the best parts of a Swedish midsummer, shows, costumes, dancing and picninc. byo. The maypole will be raised at 2pm.

Traditional midsummer party in Vitabergsparken

Starting at 12pm the midsummer party in Vita Bergsparken kicks off with speeches from the local politicians. Usually lot’s of people and mandatory dancing! No just kidding but you can really visit a midsummer party without dancing, it’s like drinking from an empty glass.

Smaller midsummer can be found at Mosebacketerassen

Just above Slussen you can find a smaller midsummer party. Dancing, music for all ages. You also get wonderful view of Stockholm.

stockholm today skansen red house

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