What do you know about Swedish fashion?

acne stockholm today fashion

Swedish fashion is usually simple and very wearable with quite a high trendy mark. Think of Acne as a good example. Fashion is one of the more popular contemporary expressions along music and video and many young people want to be fashion designers. This can be seen in Stockholm’s fashion shopping districts like Östermalm but also in SoFo in Södermalm where many small boutiques are opening.

If you like luxury and fashion you will feel at home in the more glamorous Östermalm district. Many Swedish brands gathered here with their flagship stores around Biblioteksgatan, also known as Bibliotekstan. Here you can find one of the stores for the brand Acne.

In the city district you find other brands as Monki, COS, H&M. Åhlens City has a great selection of Swedish fashion brands like Tiger of Sweden and might be more popular than the famous NK shops that has lost a little of their glamour stamp lately. In Södermalm and SoFo or Götgatsbacken you find the best atmosphere with many small independent boutiques. Many of them focus on quality vintage fashion.

acne stockholm today fashion

Let’s get out and do some shopping!

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