Walpurgis Night Stockholm

stockholm today majbrasa

Every year on the 30th of April Sweden is on fire celebrating the emerging spring. Known as Valborg it’s a wonderful night of warming fires and singing to welcome spring to the northern hemisphere.  It’s celebrated by people of all ages, just put on warm clothes and follow some Swedes to the nearest fire!

It also tends to be a great night to spot drunk swedes as many young people use this night as an excuse to drink massively amounts of alcohol. Maybe they forgot that the actual purpose of the fires long ago during the Viking age was to scare off witches and evil spirits and had something to do with fertility also..

Best place is as always Skansen but a free fire can be enjoyed at Långholmen in Stockholm, just behind the large old prison, a very matching place actually


stockholm today majbrasa

A fire like this taken at Riddarholmen in Stockholm will not be seen this year as Riddarholmen is too busy with constructions to have such a large event.


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