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stockholm water walking

Some nice events in Stockholm today, one cultural and one with fun for the whole family.

Exhibition Ack Sverige, du sköna

consists of fifty documentary photographs taken by photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin between 2011-2014. With this exhibition she wants to show a different picture of Sweden than we might usually see in tourist books. Open daily 11-17. Free entrance!

Location: Stockholm Concert Hall, Hötorget 8
Date: Until Thursday, August 20, 2015
Time: 11:00 to 17:00



stockholm water walking

Try sports in the Royal Garden – Kungsträdgården

Olympic Day in the Royal Garden has become a popular recurring hands-on events. This year will be extraordinary with a Brazilian theme, including the Brazilian sport capoeira and the new Olympic sport rugby. Welcome to the Royal Garden on 6-7 August 11: 00-16:00

Basketball, boxing, fencing, golf, handball, hockey, rowing, chess, tennis, athletics, Zumba®, capoeira, judo and rugby are some of the sports are represented this year. What is new is that you can also try canoeing in the pond! Paralympic Committee is in place with wheelchair basketball, shooting and curling.

Olympic Days partners offer fun activities and competitions. If you try enough sports there are prizes to win. Plus, you get to meet new and old Olympians. Joachim “Pim-Pim” Johansson, Markus Oscarsson, Anna Laurell, Johan Röjler, Lars Lewén and Natalie Larsson is in the current state ready for the event – one year to Rio.

On Friday there will be entertainment from the stage at 13:00 with carolina klüft as compere and the start of the countdown to the Olympics in Rio.

All activities are free.

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