Taxi prices in Stockholm

taxi stockholm

Ripped off after a trip with taxi in Stockholm?

Recently there has been a lot of debate in Stockholm about tourists and visitors being ripped off after incredibly expensive trips with taxis. However the government has no regulations so there is no upper limit of the taxi price. It is not illegal for a taxi to charge you 3000 SEK for a trip from Arlanda Airport to Stockholm City. A more normal price would be around 500 SEK.

How to choose a taxi and be safe in Stockholm?

If you manage to get a taxi from one of the three biggest taxi companies then you can feel very safe, they have good company policies and should never overcharge.  Many use fixed prices for longer trips like the one to Arlanda Airport.

However many smaller companies use similar names so it’s not always easy to choose the right taxi.

These are logos for the best taxi companies in Stockholm

taxi stockholm
Taxi Stockholm


taxi kurir
Taxi kurir


taxi 020
Taxi 020


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