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The best Barbercue – despite snow and chilly weather in Stockholm

Swedes love to eat barbecue, it does not matter that it’s just above freezing and there is snow in the air. Yes, it’s May in Stockholm, bring winter clothes, gloves and a warm hat if visiting Stockholm the next week just in case! So some lucky guys and girls got a really nice barbecue in […]

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stockholm spring street fashion
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Stockholm street fashion

With some great spring weather in Stockholm people also bring out their wonderful spring outfits. Here’s a classic modern look with perfect color matching.  Great setting with Grand Hotel in the background. Now is the time to enjoy Stockholm Street fashion!

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stockholm today dog weather
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Dog weather in Stockholm

Yes, unfortunately it’s dog weather today in Stockholm. Rain, snow, water, all mixed together in a horrible dark gloomy day. But do not dispair, tomorrow everything is as usual, all water will be frozen to ice and lot’s of people in Stockholm will break a bone or two on the new icy pavements. Here are […]

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stockholmtoday skiing in Stockholm
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Skiing in Stockholm?

Sometimes it’s good skiing in Stockholm city. It all depends on the weather of course. Right now we have a week of warm weather ahead so skiing might have to be put of the to do list for Stockholm visitors. Up north there should be no problems! Here is a good service for checking the […]

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