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Walpurgis Night Stockholm

Every year on the 30th of April Sweden is on fire celebrating the emerging spring. Known as Valborg it’s a wonderful night of warming fires and singing to welcome spring to the northern hemisphere.  It’s celebrated by people of all ages, just put on warm clothes and follow some Swedes to the nearest fire! It […]

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Early spring day in Stockholm

If you were among the lucky ones to be in Stockholm today you could enjoy a perfect winter day that actually felt more like spring in Stockholm. The sun was even warming us and most Stockholm people now dream of sitting in the sun just enjoying the sunlight and the warmth from the first real […]

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Electrical flea market Stockholm

A flea market completely devoted to Electrical old stuff! Experience a different flea market with lots of electric lights, disco balls, great music in the cold winter. Bring leftover mobiles, battery operated toys, cordless tools and other cordless electronics and recycle at the battery RECOVERY flea market. Most families have an average of 5kg old […]

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stockholm today power plant

Stockholm power

This is the most centrally located power plant in Stockholm, looks pretty clean though and sure will be good to have now that autumn is soon here!

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