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No evening drinks in Stockholm

Due to the Corona virus it is now forbidden to buy alcohol in bars and restaurants after 10 PM in Stockholm. In another attempt to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading this unusual rule has been put in place. It will certainly decrease the number of people who want to spend an evening with others […]

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Autumn in Stockholm – rainy season

Don´t forget your umbrella when visiting Stockholm this season. You can count on rain, chilly winds and maybe even some snow if the winds are from the north. Stockholm is currently under the siege of construction. Slussen which is one of Stockholm main connection point is being rebuilt with a new bridge from China! What […]

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Famous Stockholm Syndrome

The famous Stockholm Syndrome One of many reason Stockholm is a famous city is the term Stockholm Syndrome. It was created during a bank robbery in the 70’s in Stockholm where the female hostage started to get sympathies or even romantic feelings for the man who threatened them and held them hostage for several days. […]

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Stockholm snow
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Anna Ternheim Swedish singer

Stockholm has snow and winter temperatures, it might be a bit cold to stay out to long. So what might be better than curling up in front of the fireplace and listen to some good Swedish music. Here’s a youtube clip from talented Swedish singer songwriter Anna Ternheim.

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Gloomy March in Stockholm

The month of march look like it will be a very boring, gloomy month. Luckily there are many nice things to do in Stockholm anyway, FIKA is one of the best. Explore all the wonderful fika spots all over town, many with organic, homemade bread and buns! Swedish shops are great, especially around SoFo area, […]

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Dog weather in Stockholm

Yes, unfortunately it’s dog weather today in Stockholm. Rain, snow, water, all mixed together in a horrible dark gloomy day. But do not dispair, tomorrow everything is as usual, all water will be frozen to ice and lot’s of people in Stockholm will break a bone or two on the new icy pavements. Here are […]

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