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stockholm today winter snow
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Stockholm in Super Winter

Right now Stockholm is experiencing a super cold winter, temperatures are around -10 deg celcuis and with a little extra wind and snow fall it feels pretty cold to say the least. Your best bet is getting properly dressed for Scandinavian winter climate. Meaning a down jacket, boots, extra pants and great gloves. Weather you […]

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Stockholm chaos

At least a traffic chaos is currently disturbing Stockholm. Many buses do not run, avoid using your car if you can and walk carefully so you do not fall! Weather is expected to warm up during the next days so less snow but very wet streets are to be expected. At last Stockholm is now […]

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Stockholm snow
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Anna Ternheim Swedish singer

Stockholm has snow and winter temperatures, it might be a bit cold to stay out to long. So what might be better than curling up in front of the fireplace and listen to some good Swedish music. Here’s a youtube clip from talented Swedish singer songwriter Anna Ternheim.

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stockholm today snow
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Snow in Stockholm

Yes, there is quite a bit of snow in Stockholm this year and after a few wet, rainy days we are now heading below zero degrees again. So there might be even more snow coming. Streets and pavements are icy and slippery so be careful and don’t forget to look up also, passing under hanging […]

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