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Stockholm recovery

Stockholm is slowly recovering and mourning the victims and also dealing with the horrors from the terror attack. The people of Stockholm has showed the world how a peaceful reaction filled with love towards the victims of such a horrible action can be incredibly inspiring and actually give hope that there might sometime in the […]

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Outdoor Workout new trend in Stockholm

Outdoor Workout new trend in Stockholm Outdoor Workout is the best. Why working out in a stuffy, sweaty gym can’t be what you want to do unless it’s a cold dark winter day. Even outside Stockholm the trend now is outdoor fitness. Several studies suggest exercising in a natural environment is better for your mood […]

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Summertime – outdoor gym in Stockholm

Outdoor gym are growing more and more popular in Stockholm. Quite understandable as it’s so great to do your training outdoors in the fresh air. The fact that they are free isn’t’ so bad either. This is one of the nicest, Björkhagen outdoor gym, a perfect location right in the forrest, surrounded by beautiful nature, […]

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Outdoor gym in Stockholm

Feeling a bit tired? What’s better than a healthy exercise? A popular trend in Stockholm is outdoor gym open to all. Usually made with natural stuff like logs and wooden structures they seem to be a great alternative to expensive membership fees for luxurious health clubs. Maybe the city of Stockholm felt it should honor […]

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