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Healthy eating in Stockholm

At the farmers market in Stockholm you find all sorts of healthy ecologically grown vegetables, berries and mushrooms. Many people in Stockholm prefer organic food. Vegetarian or even vegan diet is popular among mostly young people. To balance this there is now a trend to eat expensive and delicious homemade hamburgers and small restaurants and […]

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Gloomy March in Stockholm

The month of march look like it will be a very boring, gloomy month. Luckily there are many nice things to do in Stockholm anyway, FIKA is one of the best. Explore all the wonderful fika spots all over town, many with organic, homemade bread and buns! Swedish shops are great, especially around SoFo area, […]

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Rawfood Health Festival Stockholm

Graw Rawfood Festival Stockholm Get some inspiration for your raw food efforts! visit the Raw food festival in Stockholm! Join and become part of a healthier, happier and more nutritious Stockholm! 1-day festival in Stockholm, come and learn, eat, get inspired to be more healthy  –  Raw Food open to all! At the festival you […]

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Eco everywhere now

Eco and organic living is the current trend and maybe it is the only way for us to survive on this planet anyway so hopefully more people get involved soon. In Kungsträdgården you can see the exhibition Eco Now for 2 days starting on saturday 12th of June. Go there and check out the current […]

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Pride parade and festivals all over Stockholm

Beginning of August is a busy time in Stockholm. On Saturday the Pride Parade will move through town (don’t count on anything but shoes or bicycles to take you around the town) During the weekend there are also concerts at Skeppsholmen, the Music & Arts festival with among other Neil Young and Chrissie Hynde to […]

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Yummie Swedish berries and apples

Now is a fantastic time to get Swedish berries and apples, delicious, often grown organically without chemicals it’s hard to find better snacks and healthy lunch food!  

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