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Celebrating New Year for 2024

Stockholm streets will fill up with happy residents and visitors as usually, sharing cheers and toasts as they welcome 2024. This year the only traditional celebration is on Skansen, Djurgården featuring a popular concert and midnight countdown. There are no official fireworks this New Year but hopefully people will celebrate and send some rockets to […]

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Stockholm anno 1909
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Happy New Year Stockholm

Time flies away, time for a new year in Stockholm too. How to celebrate? Well, have a look at a more than 100 year old movie from Stockholm, from the time before the current city hall was built. Have you been to Stockholm and done some walking around the city you will be able to […]

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HAPPY NEW YEAR Stockholm today
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New years eve in Stockholm

Prepare with warm clothes! It can be a long night outside!  Most common food for new years eve dinner in Sweden is Lobster and Lamb! * Heading to Skansen for the best traditional New Year celebrations and fireworks? Get there in time, best is to buy a prepaid ticket! * Best view for the Fireworks […]

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Skansen new year celebrations 2013
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Best place to celebrate New Years Eve in Stockholm

Think you already know the answer.. Skansen of course! For traditional celebrations where you want to to get a feel for how the traditions are and have been celebrated there is nothing that beats going to Skansen.

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