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Mid Summer in the City

Mid Summer in the City Still stuck in the city but would like to celebrate Midsummer? Here are the last minute places you can visit. It will be crowded so get there in time! Skansen 10.00 Tie Midsummer wreaths. 14.00 raising of the Midsummer pole.Time: 10.00-22-00Classic celebration, music. Dancing, playing and fun is promised! Södermalm […]

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Midsummer in Sweden 2023

Midsummer in Sweden 2023 The top destinations for celebrating Midsummer in Sweden are Leksand, Dalarna or Skansen, Stockholm. This year midsummer is celebrated on the 23/6. In Dalarna, Midsummer is the big thing. The midsummer celebration is celebrated in a very traditional way in most places. But you will need a car to reach most […]

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Where to find Midsummer in Stockholm

Best midsummer event is as always at Skansen At Skansen you can find all the best parts of a Swedish midsummer, shows, costumes, dancing and picninc. byo. The maypole will be raised at 2pm. Traditional midsummer party in Vitabergsparken (not this year) Starting at 12pm the midsummer party in Vita Bergsparken kicks off with speeches […]

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