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Subway Art or Subway Porn in Stockholm?

This week new art was on display in the subway of Stockholm. Sweden is a country that is very liberal so this art might not shock many people here. But for those who are a little more sensitive and maybe want to choose what kind of pictures small kids look at might have objections as […]

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Brutal robbery in Stockholm by young street kids

Some of the biggest news in Stockholm this week has been the enormous IT-scandal that the office for transport has created. Serious classified information about Sweden and undercover agents has been leaked out on internet. There is talk about the government and if they can stay in power after this. Read more here Another headline […]

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Swimming in the sunset

Not exactly in Stockholm but about 3 hours away by car you can find this wonderful place where swimming in the sunset has been a nice option this warm summer. This is from Gränna, a town famous for their candy, Polkagrisar. The red and white sugar candy that most kids love.

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Play in Stockholm

If you bring kids to Stockholm they should have some quality time of their own of course. So where to go? Well this must be one of the best places, a play day the kids won’t forget! This fun park is built up like the old parts of Stockholm, Södermalm, there are all the right […]

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