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Sightseeing Stockholm Tips Weather

Ice cold Stockholm

Stockholm had some of the coldest days this winter yesterday and today. The city center was down to about minus 10 degrees. Very cold unless you are very well dressed! With a little bit of strong wind the cold effect gets down to almost minus 20 degrees for exposed skin like your nose, chin and […]

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stockholmtoday kanelbulle cinnamonroll
Food Shopping Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

Cinnamonroll day 4th of October in Sweden

Don’t miss out on your freshly baked cinnamon-roll, kanelbulle as it’s called in Sweden. The most traditional compliment to the famous fika time in Sweden. Make sure you get a good quality one from some of the local bakeries on this special day!

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after ski stockholm
Parks Sightseeing Stockholm Tips

After Ski the Stockholm way

The best after ski in Stockholm is a hot cup of chocolate with plenty of cream and a kanelbulle or maybe a healthy sandwich with cheese and ham! This is one of the favourite places at Hellasgården!

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