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Stockholm soon in flames?

6 months ago Sweden and Stockholm was a business as usual place, problems here and there and a lot of thoughts on how we should and could help people in war zones around the world but mostly life was going on as usual. Today the situation is a little different. The refugee crisis in Europe […]

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Walpurgis Night Stockholm

Every year on the 30th of April Sweden is on fire celebrating the emerging spring. Known as Valborg it’s a wonderful night of warming fires and singing to welcome spring to the northern hemisphere.  It’s celebrated by people of all ages, just put on warm clothes and follow some Swedes to the nearest fire! It […]

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Stockholm having riot fires!

As you might know Stockholm is in a riot state currently where young criminals are setting fire to cars, shops and other things. They throw stones at the police, firemen and ambulance crews. Mostly this is going on well out of town in suburbs where many inhabitants are immigrants with a high rate of unemployment […]

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Walpurgis Night in Stockholm – Valborgsmässoafton

Walpurgis Night in Stockholm is usually a cold day of warm fires to celebrate the arrival of spring. It look like it will be just that this year too. Cold, hopefully not to much rain is on the forecast. Stay close, but not to close to the fires! Riddarholmen and Skansen are the places for […]

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