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Midsummer – biggest holiday in Sweden!

Midsummer is the most celebrated holiday in Sweden. Raising and dancing around a maypole (midsommarstång) is an activity that attracts most people. Greenery is used to decorate the pole and on top of barns and also used to make a midsummer ribbon (midsommarkrans) with flowers that can be worn by children and women. Besides looking […]

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Cultural night Stockholm

On Saturday 23 of April Stockholm goes Culture Night again offering lot’s of art, music and dance celebrating Stockholms culture. Performances, dancing, nice live music and lot’s of museum exhibition are available free of charge as in free admission! More info: kulturnattstockholm.se

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Where to find Midsummer in Stockholm

Best midsummer event is as always at Skansen At Skansen you can find all the best parts of a Swedish midsummer, shows, costumes, dancing and picninc. byo. The maypole will be raised at 2pm. Traditional midsummer party in Vitabergsparken Starting at 12pm the midsummer party in Vita Bergsparken kicks off with speeches from the local […]

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Free cultural night Stockholm

  On 25th of April Stockholm turns purple with the Culture Night offering a smorgasbord of art, music and dance to celebrate Stockholms culture. Breathtaking performances, dancing, socialising with a glass of beer to nice live music or travel in time at a museum exhibition, tonight is yours. Lot´s of events and participants, Stockholm invite […]

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Lindy hop in Stockholm

A warm summer evening with some nice and fun free music. That whats many evenings are like in August in Stockholm at the Parkteatern, the free outdoor theaters and show performances in many places in Stockholm. Tonight it was the fantastic band GUNHILD CARLING & CARLING FAMILY ! Joined by Stockholms best Lindy hop dancers it […]

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Last minute tip for Stockholm tonight

The last minute tip today for Stockholm tonight is.. A Samba night in Stockholm! Samba de Souza Samba show at Östermalmskällaren tonight friday 15 mars starting at 20.00 Östermalmskällaren is close to Östermalmstorgs subway station (entry towards Sibyllegatan). If you want a table call boking at: 08-120 581 47 or mail to info@restaurangbengal.se Where: Östermalmskällaren, […]

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