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No evening drinks in Stockholm

Due to the Corona virus it is now forbidden to buy alcohol in bars and restaurants after 10 PM in Stockholm. In another attempt to stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading this unusual rule has been put in place. It will certainly decrease the number of people who want to spend an evening with others […]

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Sweden corona policies – do as you like but keep the distance

Sweden has chosen to go it’s own way in the fight against the corona virus. Not a complete lock down with closed shops, restaurants and no expensive fines for going outside for leisure or shopping. People are asked to keep a safe distance, showing a responsibility for helping others not to catch the corona virus. […]

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Stockholm Corona virus situation

Stockholm has a reasonable low number of tested cases of corona virus. Which to some extent comes from the fact that testing is only done of people who reach the hospitals. Stockholm has so far not locked down any vital services but rely on citizens to self isolate as much as possible. Here are some […]

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