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Stockholm today dark cold
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Dark and cold but no snow yet!

This is what you can expect from a Stockholm visit a few days ahead. Not very uplifting so prepare with warm clothes and lot’s of FIKA stops whenever you feel cold or hungry. This season is perfect for shopping however it seems to be a large number of other people who have similar ideas so […]

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stockholmtoday cold snow skating
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Ice cold Stockholm

Stockholm had some of the coldest days this winter yesterday and today. The city center was down to about minus 10 degrees. Very cold unless you are very well dressed! With a little bit of strong wind the cold effect gets down to almost minus 20 degrees for exposed skin like your nose, chin and […]

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stockholm snow winter cold
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Cold Stockholm winter

This winter is really cold in Stockholm. Bring lot’s of warm clothes if visiting! This is no problem for Stockholm people though. Lot’s of activity in parks when all the familys go for playing in the snow. Snow racers and whatever you can find works perfect for getting a nice kick of adrenaline when you […]

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stockholm rain summer
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Rainy cold Stockholm

The summer of 2015 seems to be the summer that never was. Very few days above 20 degrees (68F) and mostly rainy. We’ll the ice cream sales go down and the museums go up. Also many Swedish people try to go to warmer places during their long 5 weeks holidays. This is how Stockholm looks […]

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stockholm today -15C
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Stockholm cold weather – be careful out there

It’s cold but beautiful weather in Stockholm today, just be careful with warm clothes and you should be fine. Don’t forget to check out the roof tops for hanging ice!

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